A Lake Raystown Resort Wedding Entriken, Pa

June 26, 2024


Nicolette & Joshua

I had never got to meet Nicolette and Joshua before their wedding day. The Pennsylvania weather was so unpredictable their engagement session kept getting pushed back. It seemed every day that we tried to do their engagement session it started pouring. They didn’t have that familiarity with me and my personality prior to the wedding, which can be hard for some couples.

When I arrived at her cabin to meet Nikki for the first time, there was just something about her personality that made me feel like we were old friends. Her entire bridal party was helpful and not intrusive. They were so kind to my assistant and I it was honestly incredible. Then I got to meet Josh, and Josh was very kind, and he wanted everything to be perfect for Nikki. I could tell from the moment that I met him that he adored her unconditionally.

One of my favorite moments from the wedding day was when we were attempting to do the first look down by the water. There was a older woman in a kayak hovering offshore just watching us! I took a proactive approach and decided to move Josh about 50 feet down the shore. However, the uninvited guest was not deterred and did not get the hint, because she paddled right up to where we were to watch what we were doing yet again!

It was at that point I asked my assistant to politely ask her to give the couple some space, while I went to get the bride. While the uninvited guest did get out of her kayak and put it on shore, she felt the need to go swimming in the water right where we were in her neon pink bathing suit! So, with some tricky camera angles and creativity in hiding her, you cannot see her in their photos. However, if you would like to have a laugh, she does make her cameo appearance in my TikTok and Instagram video during their private vow exchange!

We snuck away to do some amazing sunset photos, and Nikki and Josh spent the rest of their night surrounded by their family and friends who were equally as welcoming and kind as they were. Thank you for choosing us to capture your special day!


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