Collections begin at $500

Collections begin at $175

Collections begin at $175

Every woman is beautiful. Not every woman believes she is beautiful. I am here to change that. These sessions are intended to empower women.

I will make you see yourself in a way that you never knew was possible. It doesn't matter if you are a size 2, I will build your confidence and it will radiate in the images we create together.

I am formally trained in posing and lighting, you will look beautiful, and you will believe you are beautiful.

You will feel beautiful and empowered in a way that you have never felt before, because I have a very unique way of bringing that out of absolutely everybody.


Collections begin at $450

Whether you are an adventurous soul or a more formal couple, your portrait session will be catered to you.

Everyone is unique, and I approach my portrait clients with a fresh perspective, even if I have been to the same location before.

I do not get my ideas from Pinterest or other photographer's blogs, which is why your portrait experience will be completely unique. 

I also am proud to offer fine art film sessions that are timeless and completely unique to anything in the area!

Your portraits will look natural and won't feel posed or forced.





A Fun Interactive Host
Unlimited Photo Sessions
Black & White or Color Option
Custom Design for Your Event
Fun, Unique Props
Online Viewing Gallery
Free Digital Download Option
USB Drive of ALL Photos

My sessions are very different from any other portrait photography experience you’ve had.

You will feel comfortable being yourself, which will allow for us to create amazing imagery together!

I am naturally an adventurous soul, I love to travel and explore. Your session will not be dull or ordinary.

It is my goal to give you an absolutely amazing experience, and to empower your self-confidence.

Your best interest is in my heart, my goal is to give you an unforgettable experience and capture the true soul of your child.

Every child is unique, you will not see any shots of mine duplicated or copied from Pinterest. A true professional will know how to work with your child without any assistance or verbal coaching from you at all.

The best part of a fine art portrait session with me is that I let your child be themselves the entire time. I like the parents to take a step back and let me work with the child without interrupting or trying to “help.”

Other parents agree, watching the session is a truly awesome experience.

Wedding collections begin at $550

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