Josh + Lindsey: Altoona, PA Classy, Country Engagement Session

June 21, 2016


I can not even begin to tell you how much fun I had shooting Josh and Lindsey’s engagement session in the beautiful country backdrop nestled in Altoona, PA!

Let me start by telling you all a little bit about my experience getting to know these two as a couple, when we first met, something just clicked…I just knew they were the couple for me. LOL! Ok, ok, ok, seriously, they were great, we talked and talked just like we had known each other for years. I loved their energy they had as a couple, I knew it would come through as nothing short of spectacular in their photos, so I am thoroughly blessed they chose me as their wedding day photographer.

I want everyone to know, my favorite part of every couple’s love story, is THEIR LOVE STORY! Shall I explain? Yes? Ok, so, one of the things that is most important to me, is telling your story through the lens of my camera. No two couples are the same, no two stories are the same, therefor it is my duty as your storyteller to make sure your unique story is told in just as a unique fashion as it is.

So, let me tell you a little bit about Josh and Lindsey! They met in June of 2012, when Josh was opening for a band called Locked and Loaded, at the Lilly Carnival in Lilly, PA. Josh “caught her eye” when he played the song “Something ‘Bout a Truck,” by Kip Moore. I love connecting with my couples on a personal level, so here is a different type of blog post! I asked Josh and Lindsey to share their love story with me, so I could share it with all of you.

Lindsey told me that she knew she had to meet him, but she couldn’t find the courage to walk up to him. Josh ended up leaving that night before she got to introduce herself to him. They later ran into each other at a local bar, where their mutual friend went over to Josh and told him to “come meet Lindsey,” but Josh didn’t, because he was too shy! So Lindsey worked up the nerve to walk over to him, and they have been inseparable ever since!

How did I know Josh was the one:

I knew quickly Josh was the one. Josh has always been the perfect gentleman and I have never had anyone treat me the way he does. Josh and I bonded so quickly and have so much in common. After meeting him I never imagined my life without him!

How did I know Lindsey was the one:

It didn’t take too long to realize Lindsey was it for me. From the time we met we had a connection that I’ve never had with anyone else. We’re pretty much the same person on all levels. We think the same. We like the same things. We’re constantly on the same page. So, to have that kind of draw towards someone is really special. There comes a point when you’re dating someone (especially as you get older) where you think “could I truly spend the rest of my life with this person and be completely happy?” That’s what I have with Lindsey. There has never been a time where I wanted to leave or I thought we weren’t going to be together. I unexpectedly found my soul mate and I think the best relationships happen that way. Long lasting love is found in unexpected places and mine just so happened to be at a carnival. So, thank you Kip Moore! Haha.

How did he propose? Josh proposed at home in their first apartment. Lindsey came home from weekend training in Johnson City and was she was sick. Josh had a show until late that night, and she told him she was just going to stay home because she didn’t feel well. When Josh came home, she woke up, he made her some chicken noodle soup. He was telling her how much he missed her, and how much he loves her, and asked her to close her eyes. When she opened her eyes, he was down on one knee! He did have an elaborate plan to propose at an Eric Church concert in Nashville with their friends, but he couldn’t wait another week <3

My favorite thing about Lindsey:

My favorite thing about Lindsey would have to be how honest she is. She’s not of those people who shy away from saying what she thinks or just tells you what you want to hear. If she has an opinion or has something to say, she says it. For me, being able to speak your mind is important because it’s an aspect of communication. The ability to talk and be completely honest in a relationship brings us closer as a couple and trust me, she’s not afraid to tell me how it is. ?

What is your favorite thing about Josh:

Josh is such a jokester! I love it and how silly he is! He is always making me laugh!

Why is their story unique? The number 31 makes their story unique! Josh is born on October 31, and Lindsey is born on January 31, and they started dating on July 31!

I tried to bring their love story to life through my lens, by incorporating how they met into their engagement session. A special thank you to the Altoona Grand Hotel for allowing us to come in and take over your space! The staff there is amazing, and treated us so well! Thank you again! Enjoy these classy, country lovebirds, because man, was it fun to do their pictures!


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